IZeeSuite supports you in managing your purchases and your stock.


With iZeeAchats, you can manage your supplier orders and check your supplier deliveries in a simple and accurate way.

IZeeAchat also allows you to manage your supplier invoices: 2 modes are possible, that is a detailed management of the invoice with all the lines of products like your invoices customers, or a simplified entry with only an input of the amounts to manage the follow-up of payments and the declaration of your deductible VAT.


If you have a large amount of supplier invoices or if you want to keep the digital invoice, you can choose the iZeePaper module, which allows you to scan your invoices and automatically read its to make your input as simple as possible.


IZeeStock allows you to track your stock with an anticipated view of your availability:

  • Quantity physically present in the current stock
  • Quantity sold but not yet delivered
  • Incoming quantity expected (either purchase from supplier or manufacture in iZeeProd) but not yet in stock
  • Quantity available for sale that takes into account the 3 previous quantities to estimate what can still be sold without being out of stock

For each product, you define a buy-back threshold (for example, when you only have 20 items in stock) that allows you to automatically generate the replenishment supplier orders.


With iZeeProd, you simply manage your production orders. You define the nomenclature of your manufactured products and at the time of the sales order, a production order is automatically generated.

Then you follow the manufacturing process (manufacturing to be done, in process, finished) and consumption of raw materials (defined by the nomenclature, but which can be adjusted at the time of manufacture if necessary).


Your stock will be automatically updated at the end of the manufacturing process.


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