IZeeSuite supports you in managing your billing.


The iZeeBill module permanently gives you a clear and complete view of the status of your billing. At a glance you can view all of your invoices and their current status.

You can create a new bill with a simple and intuitive interface where you can automatically generate your invoices from the modules iZeeSales et iZeeContracts.

You can enter customer payment either directly on the invoice, or from entering series payments (to enter from an account statement or a pack of received checks, etc.). IZeeBill allows you to make all possible payments (payment of a complete invoice, partial payment, payment of several invoices at a time, etc.). You can also use restricted payment methods for a product category, such as Ticket Restaurant or meal vouchers that can only be used for food products. IZeeBill also handles overpayments that can then be used to settle other invoices from the same customer (very useful for Ticket Restaurant).

You can easily manage the credits either by generating them from a complete invoice (following a billing error for example) or by manually creating an asset for a given amount that can then be used to pay an invoice.

Thanks to iZeeBill, you can manage your reminds very easily. Simply set up your deadlines (for example, a first 30-day email, then a 45-day email and a 60-day formal notice email) and the software will automatically show you the customers to remind. The emails are grouped by customer (if a customer has more than one invoice late, only one mail will be created for all invoices) and you have the option of adjusting the reminder’s level (for example, a formal notice should be sent to a customer, but you know him well and you know he has a brief cash difficulty, you can decide to not send him a remind or send him only a single email).




The reminder emails are created from Word templates, eqsily editable. Once you generate the reminds, you can still modify them by opening them directly in Word if you want to customize email for a specific customer.





IZeeBill allows you to manage your mailings. Throughout the day, you generat bills and reminders, but do not forget to send them to your customers. But how to send them? By email ? By simple mail? By registered letter?

 IZeeBill helps you by offering an interface that allows you to send everything in one click, the sending mode is automatically calculated according to the preferences of the clients and the type of document (for example, even if the customer wishes to receive by email, a formal notice must be sent by registered letter). For paper mail, iZeeBill prepares a single PDF file for printing by classifying documents by customer, enabling you to easily group all documents from one customer into one envelope.


With the iZeeFinance module, you save your accountant time by generating an export file to automatically import all accounting lines into your accounting software (SAGE, MISA,etc.), avoiding a tedious re-input and error source.

IZeeFinance also helps you to make your VAT declaration by automatically calculating the amounts of VAT to be declared according to the mode of declaration (on debits or cashing). If you have a service activity, you are eligible for the declaration on cash receipts, which allows you to not advance cash for VAT, but following what has been cashed in to prepare your declaration can often become a real headache, but with IZeeFinance your declaration is already ready.



With iZeePay, you can manage your check remittances. The check numbers are entered when entering the payment and you can then generate the check remittance automatically. This is the end of errors in amounts when you complete the bank slip.


Would you like to offer direct debit to your customers? Nothing easier ! With iZeePay, you  manage your SEPA direct debit orders and you generate the debit file to be sent to your bank automatically in 1 click. You can then view the history of your remittances at any time.


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