IZeeDoc helps you manage your documents in your company. It addresses the following issues:

  • Data backup: all your documents are on a central server backed up daily. You no longer have to worry about the loss of your data in the event of a breakdown or theft of your laptop
  • Permanent access to all documents wherever you are and whoever the employee who created the document
  • Simple management of document revisions. You can easily follow the different versions of each document
  • Collaborative sharing work around a document: thanks to the workflows, your documents can follow a validation / correction cycle in a simple way. You no longer have to manage multiple email exchanges between employees
  • Offline work: When you are not connected to the Internet, during your trip, you can continue working on your documents, iZeeDoc will automatically synchronize them with the server when you are connected to the Internet again
  • Comminucation control: Documents are created from document templates to ensure that all your employees create documents with legal information and an up-to-date graphic charter.
  • Confidentiality management: it is possible to restrict access to documents either at the level of the entire project by making the project private that will be visible only by the members of the project. It is also possible to restrict the access of an individual document to a group of users.

When a document is created in iZeeDoc, it is attached to a client and project and is referenced by a unique document title and document reference calculated by the system. You can also choose to add more information depending on how you classify documents (for example, a document family).

Documents are created either from document templates or from an existing document or by importing a document from your computer. You finally choose the workflow to use:

  • Simple workflow: you work alone on the document until its final validation
  • Workflow with validation: you designate a validator on the document that must validate the document before it is released (or return it as a correction if necessary)
  • Free workflow: the workflow is not imposed as soon as the document is created and you will decide at the appropriate time if the document requires validation or not
  • Direct publication: this workflow is adapted to documents received on which no modification is desired and which will be directly passed to the status “Published” and not modifiable



In addition, it is possible to create other custom workflows (with additional validation steps, for example) to fit your company organisation and your departements.


IZeeDoc helps you easily find your documents with filtering tools (per user, project or client, by document status), with a quick search area or a detailed search field by field.


Your work is mainly to write your documents with your usual software (it can be Word, Excel, PowerPoint but also any other type of file that you use in your work). IZeeDoc does not change your habits: just click on the “open” button and your file opens in your software as if you had opened it from the file explorer. You make your changes normally and when you save your document, iZeeDoc will synchronize it with the server.










Once the editorial work is complete, you can advance the document in the workflow. Depending on the workflow assigned to the document when it was created, you have access to different functions:

  • “Submit” allows to assign it to another user for validation
  • “Publish” definitively validates the document
  • “Correct” allows to send it to another user for correction
  • “Delete” lets you mark the document as deleted

When sending the document to another user, a notification email is automatically sent to the recipient. However, it is sometimes useful to add a note to the automatic notification so as to draw the attention of the recipient to a particular point (for example, to indicate to him that proofreading should be given priority because some commitments have been made with the customer). For this iZeeDoc allows you to modify the contents of the automatic email so that you can add the necessary information.




It is often important to be able to track different versions of a document. IZeeDoc allows you to follow up rigorously without difficulty. When a document is marked as published, it is no longer editable (it remains accessible in read-only mode), to continue working on the document, simply create a new revision of the document, iZeeDoc then creates a new copy of the document with the same reference but with an incremented revision number. You can now continue working on this new revision. It is also possible to navigate between revisions of a document.

All actions performed on a document (creation, progress in the workflow,etc.) are tracked in an audit trail that allows you to see the interactions that occurred on a document.



IZeeDoc allows you to easily send your documents to outside people as a download link or attachments to an email.




Comparison with other document management tools

Cloud file sharing

Cloud file tools (Dropbox type, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive …) only solve file availability and backup problems.
They do not help you to structure your work because they have no workflow management, no organization and research in your document library, no concept of revision a document …
They also do not allow for the management of documents confidentiality.

DMS tools

DMS tools allow the structuring of your documents into an advanced document base and the use of workflow. Their main disadvantage is a great complexity of implementation which requires an in-depth reflection on the documentary structuring of the company and subsequently a complexity and a rigidity of use with abundant user interfaces and unnatural mechanisms of use (recover a file, modify it and then return the modified version to the server …)
This complexity often leads the DMSto be an archive of documents already published while iZeeDoc accompanies you from the initial creation of the document draft.
In addition, iZeeDoc allows you to start instantly with a default configuration that will suit most companies and offers a comfort of use because the user works mainly with his usual tools (Word, Excel or any other software specific to his business).
Stop hesitate ! We offer flexible prices adapted to your own situation, and a month of free trial !