iZeePaper is an easy-to-use document scanning tool.

Simplified scanning with ScanForm

iZeePaper offers you the ScanForm system that allows you to get your business back into the era of dematerialization without difficulty. A ScanForm is a cover sheet to which you associate a series of information that will help you retrieve the document afterwards.

When you want to scan a document, you enter the information you have set on the ScanForm, you print the ScanForm, and you scan your documents with. iZeePaper will automatically recognize all the information in the ScanForm and will index your document so that it can be retrieved easily.

Advanced digitization with videocoding

iZeePaper also allows you to set up an advanced digitization with videocoding. You define an input workflow that allows you to enter the document information by viewing it on the screen.

iZeePaper assists you with automatic document reading to automate the entry process.

Digitization can be linked to other iZeeSuite modules, for example a dematerialization of supplier invoices can feed the iZeeSupply module to manage supplier payments and VAT returns.